Barbara Eden Opens Up About Losing Her Only Son To Drug Overdose And Her Struggles To Move On

Date August 28, 2018

Barbara Eden seems to have it all. The actress, best known for her role in "I Dream of Jeannie", can boast about having starred in a variety of movies and sitcoms throughout her career. She was nominated for Golden Globe Awards twice, and she played against many legendary stars such as Elvis Pressley.

Yet, her life is far from being perfect

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The 87-year-old had two failed marriages and went through miscarriages and stillborn births, but this all can’t be compared to the loss of her only child, Matthew Ansara. A fitness trainer and actor died in 2001 aged 35.


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As it turns out, Matthew was a drug addict who started taking them from the early age. The man was in and out of rehab many times, and it looked like he was finally getting his life together. We can’t even imagine the pain Barbara felt when he was found dead to overdose days before his wedding:

Apparently he had taken a hit of heroin and he hadn't had it in quite a while, I guess. It killed him. It stopped his heart.


Almost 2 decades later, the heartbreak is still here

But luckily, Eden has a loving husband by her side who was there when the tragedy struck. In 1991, she tied the knot with structural engineer Jon Eicholtz and the couple has been living a blessed life ever since.


Throughout this time, there have been no rumors about their divorce or separation, which only proves that they are growing stronger with each day. As she says:

We’re best friends. This is for keeps.


No parent should outlive their children, but when they do, it’s important to have someone who can give them their support and help go through it.

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