Lana Turner Had Difficult Relations With Daughter Because Of Her Lovers, But They Managed To Bond Again

Date July 19, 2018

Lana Turner, Hollywood’s Sweater Girl, could boast about a successful acting career and good looks. When you look at her pictures, it’s hard not to notice her flawless skin, silver-blond hair, filled-in brows, and bold lips.

But she wasn’t as successful when it came to her personal life and relationship with the only daughter, Cheryl Crane. In fact, the two had quite difficult relations from the very start.


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Horrible childhood

The little girl was often left with a nanny since the ultimate blond sweater girl of the ’40s didn’t have much time for her child. Instead, Turner moved through a succession of husbands, which only made the situation worse.


As Crane revealed in her best-selling autobiography, Detour, life became unbearable when she was 10. At that time, Lana was married to her fourth husband, Lex Barker, who often raped the girl at night and even tried to suffocate her with a pillow when she tried to fight back.

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When Turner got to know about it, she even wanted to kill the man but decided not to risk her career. Instead, Lana ordered him out of the house and filed for a divorce.


But this was not it

Shortly after, Turner had another lover of the moment, Johnny Stompanato, with whom she had a constant feud. At one point, he threatened to kill Lana, and Cheryl happened to overhear the argument.

Even though they weren’t close, Crane wanted to save her mother, so she grabbed a kitchen knife and stabbed him to death. It was ruled a justifiable homicide but still significantly affected Cheryl’s life.

What happened next?

After spending time in Juvenile Hall, hanging out at nightclubs, running from home, attempting suicide twice, and dinking heavily, Crane decided she wanted to change her life. Luckily, she eventually became a real estate agent and came out as a lesbian.

As for relationship with her mother, the two bonded again when Cheryl was writing an autobiography. They spend much time sharing memories and talking about the woman’s childhood:

We always had a bond. It got stretched pretty tight there for a few years, but it never broke.


It’s great that they managed to become friends in the end.

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