Barbra Streisand Learned Guitar For A Film Scene But Cut It Because She Was Unsure Of Her Talent

Date June 18, 2018

‘A Star Is Born’ is, perhaps, one of the most successful movies Barbra Streisand starred in, grossing about $80 million. But despite the film’s success and previous actress’ achievements (she had been already winning Oscars and making hit records), Barbra still felt unsure about her talents.

© A Star Is Born (1976) / Warner Bros.

Before shooting the film, Streisand took guitar lessons because she wanted to be authentic. As her teacher, Lori Barth, revealed, the actress didn’t want to cut her long fingernails at first, so he refused to teach her. But in a month, Barbra agreed.

© A Star Is Born (1976) / Warner Bros.

Streisand was learning very fast. At some point, she even decided she wanted to write a song, which later turned out to be an award-winning ‘Evergreen’.

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But the scene of the actress playing the song for her co-star, Kris Kristofferson, was cut from the film. As it turns out, Barbra was not confident in it and felt vulnerable, even though she had learned the guitar specifically to play the song in that scene:

I was being judged for wearing too many hats at the time — perhaps having too much control, particularly as a woman. I was feeling attacked.


But she shouldn’t have worried so much. The composition brought Streisand her second Academy Award, as well as a Grammy and Golden Globe.

Right now, the 76-year-old star is still one of the most relevant musicians. She also altered the standards of beauty in Hollywood, proving that talent is beauty, and everyone can achieve success in spite of their looks.


The iconic singer’s success story teaches young women to embrace themselves and use opportunities that are not available to females of all races and sizes.

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