Betty White Reveals Her Huge Celebrity Crush In A New Interview. Who Is This Lucky Man?

Date August 13, 2018

Can you believe Betty White has been in show business for 8 decades already? And it looks like the actress sees no point in slowing down and retiring. Even though she’s 96, Betty still gets many offers to work.

The legend marks the milestone with a PBS special titled “Betty White: First Lady of Television” that airs on August 21.

Are you excited to see it?


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In the documentary, viewers will get a chance to see their favorite actress at home and work. Besides, it will also include interviews with Betty’s friends, admirers, and co-stars, such as Tina Fey, Carl Reiner, Alex Trebek, Ryan Reynolds, and many others. And one of the people who will appear in the film is a man Betty has a secret crush on!


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Guessed who that is?

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Betty actually revealed her crush in an interview to New York Post. When asked if she watched any game shows, the actress named her favorite:

I watch “Jeopardy!” First, it’s such a good game and second, I happen to have a huge crush on the host, Alex Trebek.

Who is he?

The 78-year-old is a famous Canadian-American television personality. Apart from Jeopardy!, he also hosted The Wizard of Odds, High Rollers, Classic Concentration, and other shows.


Get ready for Twitter trending!

Apparently, Betty’s name will start trending again on Twitter on August 21 as the film airs. Such things often cause panic among her fans who might think the legendary actress has died.


So, it’s important to remember not to spread rumors and wish White long years of life instead.

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