How Did 'Shark Tank' Investor Robert Herjavec Get So Fit? He Gladly Shares His Secret

Date May 11, 2018

You probably know a lot about Robert Herjavec. One of the most recognizable business leaders, he was born in Eastern Europe and arrived to Canada when he was a child. He’s also a book author, tech entrepreneur, and dancer.

He surely looks great in button-downs and jackets. But beneath his clothes, Robert is in a great shape! How did he became so fit?

The 55-year-old gladly shares his secret.

The businessman was quite chubby as a teenager and young adult. And he had never thought about changing anything. But when his mother got ill, Robert decided to set nutrition and fitness goals for every day.

Herjavec began running on a daily basis. He is also a fan of cross training. And he does a lot of deadlifts, squats, and push-ups. Why doing different forms of exercise? Robert says:

I try to do different things in order to stay highly motivated, because even the best of us can lose our motivation.

Besides, it’s no secret that Herjavec is an amazing dancer. He took part in Dancing with the Stars in 2015. And he didn’t expect foxtrot and cha-cha-cha were hard work. In fact, he lost 10 lb within the first months of the show!

How Did 'Shark Tank' Investor Robert Herjavec Get So Fit? He Gladly Shares His SecretGetty Images / Ideal Image

Lastly, Herjavec pays much attention to what he eats. He doesn’t follow any particular diet. Instead, he avoids bread, starches, and sugar. Robert also tries to eat less food than he has on the plate and balances meals with tea or water.

But being in good shape is not the only thing Herjavec can boast about. A few weeks ago, he and his wife, Kym Johnson, welcomed baby-twins a son and a daughter.

Congratulations to the happy parents!