'LazyTown' Star Stefán Karl Stefánsson's Wife Mourns Late Husband: "It Was A Blow To Us All”


August 29, 2018 15:47 By Fabiosa

On August 21, the world lost another great talent – actor Stefán Karl Stefánsson. The ‘LazyTown’ star passed away at 43 after a 2-year-long battle with aggressive bile duct cancer.

His wife, Steinunn Ólína, was the one who shared the devastating news, revealing that her husband didn’t want a funeral. Instead, Stefánsson’s wish was for his earthly remains to be scattered in the ocean.

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Now, days after Stefán’s death, Steinunn pays another tribute to the late star by giving a heartfelt interview to PEOPLE. In it, the actress first tried to raise awareness of bile duct cancer. As it turns out, this type of cancer is quite rare and is often discovered at late stages when nothing can be done:

With further research, we might be able to spot it earlier on, making treatment for this type of cancer more effective.

© LazyTown (2002) / LazyTown Entertainment

Losing a husband of many years and a father to four children at such an early age was clearly a shock to his near and dear:

Stefán was a highly creative and generous man with extraordinary ideas. For his life to be cut so short was a blow to us all.

His legacy will live on

To keep Stefán’s legacy alive, Steinunn will launch the Stefán Karl Academy and Center for the Performing Arts to help young people to grow as artists. As she added:

He made the most of his time after diagnoses, traveled with the family to create memories even if he was very ill, and left me with lots of great projects that I am happy to lead in his absence.

Rest in peace, Stefán Karl Stefánsson! You will be forever remembered!

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