Career Or Breastfeeding? Serena Williams Reveals She Was Told To Stop Nursing By Tennis Coach

Date August 17, 2018 15:21

Serena Williams is now a happy mother to beautiful daughter Olympia. But it turns out motherhood came with a few challenges.


First, the tennis star had to go through many health complications following her delivery. Her C-section wound popped open, she had a large hematoma, and she suffered from intense coughing. But luckily, Williams overcame this complicated turn of events.

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Soon, the 36-year-old had another tension point – breastfeeding. The tennis player nursed her daughter for eight months. Even though it made it difficult for Serena to get back into shape, she doesn’t regret breastfeeding Olympia at all:

You have the power to sustain the life that God gave her. You have the power to make her happy, to calm her. At any other time in your life, you don’t have this magical superpower.

Still, some people criticized her for such sacrifice

Once, Patrick Mouratoglou, a French tennis coach, approached Serena, urging her to stop nursing if she wanted to succeed in her games. But Williams didn’t take it well:

It’s absolutely hard to take from a guy. He’s not a woman, he doesn’t understand that connection, that the best time of the day for me was when I tried to feed her.

Eventually, she stopped breastfeeding when she felt it was time for her to return to the big game, but let’s be honest, 8 months is not a short period.

Of course, these were not the only struggles. The tennis legend is still getting back into shape, and she revealed she was playing Wimbledon "with a tummy." But we are sure she’ll shine again soon.

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