Locked Out By The Royal Family: Meghan Markle's Dad Fears He Will Never Hear From Daughter Again

Date August 13, 2018

Thomas Markle continues to stun royal watchers. Just recently, the 74-year-old has complained in an interview to The Mail that the royals were intentionally denying him access to his daughter Meghan. On top of it, he revealed that he feared he would never see his unborn grandkids, as the Palace would deny him this right as well.

It’s no surprise his public outcries caused mixed reactions. Royal commentator James Brookes even spoke to Express, saying that the man would not stop unless the Palace intervened:

Unless the Palace release a statement ... we’ll be seeing a lot more of this kind of tittle-tattle.

And it seems Brookes was right

Good Morning Britain / YouTube

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Desperate father of the Duchess of Sussex gave another interview, this time to The Sun. In it, the ex-TV lighting director said he no longer expected to hear from his daughter after a series of his infamous interviews:

I want to say good luck and God bless to my daughter. I don’t expect to see her or hear back from her.

Does he regret giving a string of public statements?


Not at all, since he only said the things he wanted to say. But he still wants to rekindle the relationship with Meghan and is desperate to hear from her.

How did the public react?

Are you of the same opinion, or should Meghan get in touch with her dad?

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