'Our Leader The Idiot!': Controversial Anti-Trump Billboard In New Jersey Has People Divided In Opinion On It

Date August 29, 2018 17:44

A billboard in a New Jersey town is now making headlines due to a controversial message on it. If you happen to be on Morris Avenue in Union Township close to New York City, you will see an anti-Trump billboard that refers to the president as 'Our Leader The Idiot'.

Who bought and posted it in the first place?

The New York-based activist gladly answers all the questions concerning the billboard. As it turns out, his name is Neil Harrison, and he paid about $1 thousand to post it in New Jersey.

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Why did he do that?

First of all, the man wants to promote his documentary and he even mentions that there’s a film coming soon on the billboard. Besides, he just wants to spread his message against the American head of the state, and it’s far from being pleasant:

Manafort was convicted.  Cohen’s giving up everything he can, and we’re hoping that Trump is next. Basically that's what we are out here for. I’m an activist and that's what I do.


How did people react to the unusual billboard?

Actually, the opinions were split. Some totally agreed with the message, believing that, compared to Trump’s actions, it’s not offensive at all.

Meanwhile, others defended the president and shared their angry opinions:

What do you think about it?

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