'Property Brothers' Reveal Incident That Made Them Walk Away From Client In The Middle Of Filming

Date July 27, 2018 17:28

When Property Brothers premiered on Canadian cable back in 2010, Jonathan and Drew Scott had no idea how popular the show would be. Now, the TV series is one of the most successful programs that airs in more than 150 countries.

The identical twins did more than 10 seasons. And luckily, there was only one case when they had to walk away from the client in the middle of shooting.

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What was it all about?

As Jonathan revealed, sometimes, he and his brother have to deal with homeowners that give them gray hair. In the majority of cases, clients are friendly and nice, but some wouldn’t listen to the brothers’ pieces of advice.

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But in this particular case, Jonathan and Drew had to cancel on a really nice guy, a firefighter. They even thought that the episode with him would be one of the best ones:

All of his firefighter buddies were going to come and help and we were thinking this is going to be the sexiest episode ever.

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As Drew added, the issue had to do with safety and property law. While house hunting, the firefighter was set on a particular house built on an old landfill that was literally sinking because the soil hadn’t been prepped before building:

Inside of the house, the house was falling apart. Well, in the living room, in the front of the living room it was one height, and in the back of the living room, it was completely sunken.

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It was illegal to level the floor out because of a huge slant, so the brothers had to walk away even though they had already filmed half of the episode. As for the firefighter, he bought the house.

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Luckily, Drew and Jonathan’s work is filled with pleasant moments too

For example, the twins are releasing their first children’s book titled Builder Brothers: Big Plans that will teach kids how to be creative and turn their plans into reality.

The story will be available on October 2.