Why Did Queen Force Princess Diana To Have 2 Wedding Bouquets?

Date May 7, 2018

The royal wedding is fast approaching, and many details have been revealed. For example, did you know that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry would pay a sweet tribute to late Princess Diana by designing custom floral arrangements?

The couple has chosen white garden roses to be used for decorations in the chapel. As it turns out, these flowers were Diana’s favorite.

We don’t know what the wedding bouquet will look like. But, judging by royal traditions, it may be huge. And there may even be two versions of it, which already happened at Princess Diana’s wedding.

Why so?

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On her big day, the People’s Princess carried a huge cascade of flowers, featuring gardenias, lily of the valley, freesia, ivy, myrtle, and other flowers. And she was forced to have 2 versions of the same bouquet because of her mother-in-law, the Queen.

Actually, there’s a very practical reason behind it. The florist made two identical bouquets in case Diana lost one of them.

When you look at the pictures of Elizabeth II’s wedding with Prince Philip, you might notice that, in some, the Queen is without a bouquet because it got lost.

Now, it’s the tradition to make two bouquets so that doesn’t happen again.


Surely, Meghan might also go against traditions and have a smaller bouquet. And she will not be the first royal to do so. Back in 1986, Sarah Ferguson opted for a small spray of Asiatic lilies.

And Kate Middleton’s bouquet was also very small.

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