Royal Sports Fans! Soccer-Crazy Prince George And Princess Charlotte Have Caught The World Cup Fever

Date June 27, 2018

It’s no secret that Prince William is a big sports fan. Right now, the 36-year-old is having a tour in the Middle East, so imagine his disappointment when he had to miss the initial airing of the England-Panama soccer game.


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Luckily, the prince managed to avoid the spoilers and then watched the game with the Crown Prince of Jordan. It ended with England’s stunning victory, which made William extremely happy.

And we think he’s not the only British royal to be delighted at the score

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The prince is the President of the Football Association, so it’s no surprise his children have already caught the World Cup fever. Both Prince George and Princess Charlotte are avid football fans and are often spotted playing outside Kensington Palace.


Besides, Kate Middleton earlier gushed over her kids’ fondness of football. The young royals even have their own Aston Villa kits, which is a local team their father supports.


What is more, when the princess was only 17 months old, her proud father confessed that the girl had good potential as a future soccer player. While George was getting into the sport slowly, his younger sister was showing more aptitude.


Meanwhile, Prince George is fond of everything relating to fire engine trucks and the police. As for Charlotte, she’s also quite a fashionista who likes clothes and is obsessed with pink.

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