Model Pixee Fox Had Dozens Of Surgeries And 6 Ribs Removed To Look Like A Disney Cartoon Character

Date August 16, 2018 16:11

With the increasing popularity of plastic surgeries, there’s one question to ask: why do people get them in the first place? Some undergo surgery because of accidents or health purposes. Many resort to it to improve their self-confidence and look better, younger, and slimmer. And others just want to look like somebody else.

Take, for example, Pixee Fox. The 28-year-old has become an internet sensation after undergoing dozens of surgeries to look like a cartoon! The former electrician is inspired by such characters as Aurora from 'Sleeping Beauty' and Jessica Rabbit:

Those cartoon characters represent the idealization of the female body. I want to have the tiny waist, the butt, big boobs, big eyes and a really pretty face.

Does she look like them?

To achieve her dream, the model had six of her lower ribs removed, which is an irreversible operation that is rarely performed for cosmetic purposes. And she doesn’t intend to stop there.

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Pixee wants to go down to a 14-inch-waist eventually. That’s why she wears corsets every day and works out for at least 4 hours per day.

Actually, rib removal can have adverse consequences, as the woman’s internal organs, such as liver, no longer have natural protection. But Pixee is not afraid of that:

I'm not concerned as I have my corset as my artificial ribcage now and I wear it 24/7.

Anything else?

Fox also had some other surgeries, including rhinoplasties, breast augmentations, and liposuction. She had her eyelids operated and opted for fillers to plump up her lips and cheeks. And it’s no surprise that she spent thousands of dollars on it.

She’s not the only one

Another woman, Krystina Butel, wants to look like a caricature she got on vacation when she was 15. For that, she underwent 2 nose jobs, 5 boob jobs, and countless fillers, injections, and Botox.

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Are their looks worth the effort and money?

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