Friends Or Foes? Hidden Truth About The Real Relationship Between Sarah Ferguson And Camilla Parker-Bowles

Date May 22, 2019

‘Royal feud’ is one of the most widely-discussed topics among royal watchers. But this time, it’s not the Duchesses Catherine and Meghan who are in the center of attention, but Sarah Ferguson and Camilla Parker-Bowles. Is there really a feud between them as multiple reports claim?


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Sarah Ferguson’s friendship with Princess Diana

Sometimes, it seems like the life of British royals resembles a TV drama, don’t you think? There are multiple reports and conspiracy theories regarding almost every member of the royal family. Sarah Ferguson and Camilla Parker-Bowles are not an exception.


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Sarah Ferguson has a long relationship story with the royal family. After her divorce with Prince Andrew, Fergie was on tense terms with some monarchs, including Prince Philipp.

But what about Sarah and Duchess Camilla? It’s not a secret for anyone that Ferguson was very close with the late Princess Diana. Their friendship only strengthened over the years.

In fact, it was Diana who set up Sarah and Prince Andrew together. She was very supportive of the couple at the beginning of their romance. Even after the divorce, Diana and Sarah never lost their special bond.


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Are Camilla and Sarah feuding?

Considering Fergie’s friendship with Diana, multiple fans wonder about her relationships with Prince Charles’ second wife, Camilla Parker-Bowles. Are they friends or foes?

A source close to the palace revealed:

Fergie and Diana were close friends and she saw first-hand the anxiety and depression that Camilla and Charles’ affair brought to her – and it’s always churned away inside Fergie.

The source recalled the royal visit at Balmoral with both Camilla and Sarah in attendance.

She and Camilla have never seen eye-to-eye, but being at Balmoral brought back a lot of memories of Diana and all the time they spent there together – so it was only a matter of time before she let Camilla have it.


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And one more thing…

Another hint to suggest that Fergie and Camilla are on tense terms happened when Camilla didn’t attend Princess Eugenie’s wedding last year.


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Though it was confirmed that Camilla had another engagement scheduled for this day beforehand, some royal fans suggested it was their feud that made Charles’ wife skip Sarah’s daughter wedding.


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What do you think? Are Camilla and Sarah friends or foes?