Royal Double: Fans Compared Photos Of Archie With Baby Photos Of Princess Diana And Noticed A Striking Resemblance

Date July 12, 2019

Baby Archie Harrison stole fans’ hearts when he first appeared in the family photos with his mom and dad. Royal watchers compared photos of Harry and Meghan’s son with baby photos of Princess Diana and other royals and noticed an incredible resemblance.

Archie’s first public appearance

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle welcomed their first son on May 6, 2019. Soon after the baby birth, the new parents released a series of photos of their new family-of-three.

Baby Archie seems so calm in Harry’s hands. What a sweet picture!

At that time, the Sussexes chose not to reveal the baby’s face. Probably, Harry and Meghan just wanted to protect their newborn son from public attention. Most fans supported their decision, as they still hoped to see little Archie in the nearest future.

Archie’s christening

Finally, the big day came on July 6 when Harry and Meghan christened their son. The date marked a 2-month anniversary of Archie Harrison.

Though the ceremony was strictly private, the Sussexes kept their promise and released brand new photos from Archie’s christening on their Instagram.

To the great joy of all fans, Harry and Meghan finally showed their son’s face. He is such a cutie! Do you agree?

Striking resemblance

Royal watchers just couldn’t get enough of this precious baby boy and decided to compare photos of Harry and Meghan’s son with baby photos of other royals, including late Princess Diana. Their resemblance is truly striking!

@ rosesposey:

He looks like his granny Diana

@ leeyuni78:

He looks like a Spencer.. 😂

@ efit_inspire:

They do, their eye shapes are similar. I see Diana’s eye shape too.

@ coltrane21:

He looks like the Spencers with some of Meghan... just beautiful 💙 I Hope they have a girl next ...can you imagine 💕

Did you also notice this incredible resemblance between little Archie and his late grandma Princess Diana? We look forward to hearing your opinions in the comments.