Fans Are Confused Over Prince Louis’ Outfit In The Family Photo: “Why Does Louis Have On Tights?”

Date December 17, 2018 14:18

Royal fans can’t get enough of this year's Christmas card from the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. However, one tiny detail in the family photo generated a wave of controversial comments from social media users. People wonder why little Prince Louis is wearing tights.


Fans are confused over Prince Louis’ outfit

Last week, Prince William and Duchess Kate released a sweet photo of their family, which will be used as this year's official Christmas card.

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The adorable picture shows William and Kate with their three kids — George, Charlotte, and Louis — in a casual atmosphere sitting in a tree and smiling to the camera.


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However, one detail in a family shot left royal fans confused. Namely, people wonder why baby Louis is wearing tights.

It looks like for most people, tights should be for girls only. That is why Louis’ outfit generated a vivid discussion on social media.

Fans’ comments

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What do the experts say?

According to parenting expert Lorna Parkes, there is nothing wrong with boys wearing tights. She explained to

Putting male babies in tights is absolutely fine! They’re far easier to move around in than lots of baby boys’ trousers and comfy on the skin.

Do you agree with fans’ comments about the tights thing? Is it okay for boys to wear this piece of clothing or should it be exclusively for girls? Pleases share your view on the matter.

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