Matthew McConaughey's Eldest Son Strikingly Resembles His Eminent Dad And Also Can Sing Korean Songs

Date January 22, 2019

Matthew McConaughey is a proud father of three kids. His eldest son is already 10, and he resembles his famous dad more and more over the years.

Matthew McConaughey's Eldest Son Strikingly Resembles His Eminent Dad And Also Can Sing Korean SongsGetty Images / Ideal Image

Mini-copy of Matthew McConaughey

Matthew McConaughey had a great number of awesome roles throughout his lasting and successful career in Hollywood. His numerous awards and fans’ love and admiration made McConaughey one of the most high-paid ‘A-list’ actors in the world.

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But the major role for Matthew is being a caring husband and a doting dad. The actor and his charming wife, Camilla Alves, have three children together. Their eldest son, Levi, turned 10 last summer.


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Surprisingly, but as this kid grows up, he resembles his eminent father more and more. The same eye color, adorable hairstyle, and a bright smile. In several years, Levi will turn into a real heartthrob and steal a lot of female hearts.

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Unusual hobby

McConaughey is very close with all his kids. During his guest appearance at The Ellen DeGeneres Show in January 2019, the actor recalled his son Levi’s unusual interest. The boy is a big fan of Korean music.

To celebrate Levi’s 10th birthday last year, McConaughey took him to a K-pop boy band concert in Dallas. It was the best surprise for the kid.

The actor said:

He knows all the songs. He was rapping Korean.

McConaughey said he also likes to wrestle with his kids. They even have a wrestling mat at home. Matthew joked:

If anyone’s got really something that they want to contest and they don’t want to talk about it — let’s go up on the wrestling mat, gang.


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It looks like kids in the McConaughey family never get bored with such an awesome father as Matthew. Great job!

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