Mommy-Baby’s Tender Moment: Kate Hudson Delighted Fans With A Cute Photo Of Snuggling With Daughter Rani

Date January 21, 2019

Kate Hudson shared a new adorable photo with her little cutie, baby Rani. This sweet angel stole her fans’ hearts.


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Mommy and daughter’s tender moment

Kate Hudson can’t get enough of her adorable baby girl, Rani. Soon after giving birth, the mother-of-three looked radiant and all smiles as she posted new photos on Instagram.

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Kate is not a typical mom, she is a super mom. Earlier these days, the actress shared her breastfeeding technique on social media.

Kate jokingly wrote in a caption:

When you’re workin', but babies gotta eat.


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Over the weekend, Hudson shared another tender moment with her baby girl. The mother-of-three posted a cute photo of them together sweetly snuggling and napping in a bed. Precious time!

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Fans adore the cute photo

capriandco So darling. Love these moments! Congrats

leeeesahhhfatemi OMG so absolutely adorable

jayne_zoo1 Bonding time

gwynne_t What a wonderful photo. Much love to you and your family. We only have one life and you and your tribe have embraced it. Kudos to you for leading them.

Despite her numerous maternal duties, Kate Hudson doesn’t give up on her career and social work. In 2019, she was proclaimed a new WW (formerly Weight Watchers) ambassador.

Who else if not Kate deserves to be at the head of this noble mission?!


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As you see, it’s not so difficult to be a superstar and a super mom at the same time. At least, incredible Kate Hudson deals with both roles on A+.

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