Will Smith Posted A Lovely Birthday Message To His Wife Jada: “Happy Bday, My Queen!”

Date September 19, 2018 12:26

Jada Pinkett Smith celebrates her 47th birthday. Her handsome husband, Will Smith, surprised his loved one with a touching tribute.


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Happy birthday, Jada!

On September 18, Jada Pinkett Smith turned 47. Needless to say, Jada looks spectacular at her age. As the loving wife and the mother of two, Jada can proudly call herself a happy woman.


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Her husband Will Smith was the first to congratulate the birthday girl. The actor shared a heart-melting photo of them together, enjoying a sweet nap. The shot is so casual and absolutely ‘not glamorous’, which proves one more time that Will and Jada are just like the rest of us. They don’t need to pretend for anyone. That’s what we love them for.  


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Will Smith captioned the adorable photo:

Wow… 24 Birthdays together! Happy Bday, My Queen. Let’s Go Get 24 more.

When the two belong together…

Will and Jada are considered to be one of the most ideal couples in Hollywood. They have been married for 20 years, which is not really typical for celebs’ marriages.


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As for the secret to their happy and lasting marriage, Jada revealed:

We don’t even say we’re married anymore. We refer to ourselves as life partners.

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And Will added:

In our marriage, we have that space where you’re not complaining, and worry, and demanding that a person be a certain thing. That’s what keeps our relationship strong.


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What a great couple! Our warmest wishes to beautiful Jada Pinkett Smith on her birthday.

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