Heartbroken By Her Loss Meghan McCain Shared An Old Screenshot From One Of Her Sunday Calls With Dad

Date September 21, 2018

Three weeks after the demise of Senator John McCain, his family is still mourning the loss of their loved one. Recently, his daughter Meghan shared a heartbreaking shot of her phone call with her dad. We can’t hold back tears.


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A phone call with dad

US Senator John McCain passed away on August 25 at the age of 81. McCain lost his battle with brain cancer. For the last year, McCain strongly confronted the disease. Sadly, he had poor chances for recovery.

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John’s demise turned as a devastating loss for his beloved wife Cindy and his children. His daughter, Meghan McCain, broke down in tears during the memorial service.


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On Thursday, Meghan shared an old screenshot from one of their Sunday calls with dad. It’s hard to imagine all that pain she’s going through to deal with John’s demise.

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Meghan wrote in a caption:

The death of a beloved is an amputation. 


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He will always live in her heart

The whole country mourned the demise of the great politician nicknamed The Maverick for his incredible strength and ability to express openly his opinion.


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Meghan McCain struggles to overcome her loss. The View co-host has been absent at the morning talk show earlier this month.


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It’s always hard to deal with the loss of our close people. We keep praying for the McCain family amid this devastating period. John will always live in the hearts of his wife and children. His legacy is timeless.

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