‘Chicago Fire’ Creators Explained How They Honored A Memory Of Late DuShon Monique Brown In The New Season

Date September 28, 2018

The new 7th season of the popular series Chicago Fire premiered on Wednesday, September 26. Unfortunately, one of the beloved cast members, DuShon Monique Brown, is missing in the new episodes. The show creators revealed how they honored the memory of the late actress and her iconic character.


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Colleagues paid a sweet tribute to late DuShon Monique Brown

DuShon Monique Brown, best-known for her iconic role of Connie in Chicago Fire, passed away from sepsis on March 23, 2018. The beloved actress was just 49.

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Apart from Chicago Fire, Brown appeared in Shameless, EmpirePrison Break, and a number of other favorite TV series.

When DuShon passed away, the season 6 was still underway. The show creators, Derek Haas and Eamonn Walker, just couldn’t force themselves to write her character out of the series. After long discussions, they found a way out. 

Haas explained:

I didn’t want to do anything, honestly, stupid. I didn’t want to do anything disrespectful. So, one of our head writers, said, ‘What if we brought in her real life, like the fact that she was a guidance counselor in a high school?’ I thought that was an awesome idea.


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Haas added though the whole crew didn’t have a chance to say goodbye to DuShon because of her sudden passing, they all did it in the show.

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Fans miss the actress too

We can’t imagine a better way to pay a farewell tribute to incredible DuShon Monique Brown. Chicago Fire crew did the good thing.

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