Michael Douglas Shares The Sweetest Moment With Granddaughter In An Adorable Photo: “Lua Loves Her Buba”

Date September 17, 2018

In case you need a motivation to start your day on high spirits, Michael Douglas and his adorable granddaughter, Lua Izzy, will give you a helping hand.


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Michael Douglas’s granddaughter takes after him!

Michael Douglas can’t get enough of his precious granddaughter, Lua Izzy. We totally understand him. She is absolutely adorable!

The Hollywood heartthrob enjoys spending quality time with little Izzy. Fortunately, his son Cameron captured one of such sweet moments on camera and hurried up to share it with the world.

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This new shot of Michael holding the 8-month-old baby girl in his hands melts our hearts. These two have so much in common.

Cameron captioned the cute photo:

Lua Loves her Buba. 


#Lua Loves her #Buba 💝

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Little cutie! We are sure that ‘Buba’ loves her back.


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What’s about Kirk Douglas?

By the way, Cameron has given the middle name to his daughter in honor of her great-grandfather, a famous Golden Age actor, Kirk Douglas. The Spartacus star was born Issur Danielovitch and later went by Izzy.

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Just like his son, Kirk Douglas also enjoys spending time with his adorable great-granddaughter. Take a look at this heart-melting picture. It speaks for itself.


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What a great family! We look forward to seeing more new photos of baby Lua as she grows up.

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