“My Little Angel:” Doting Dad Andrea Bocelli Recalls The Sweet Moment He First Held His Baby Daughter In His Arms

Date October 23, 2018

Andrea Bocelli is a vivid example of a person who proves that it is possible to live the full life even with a disability. His successful career and wonderful family say it all.


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Doting dad Andrea Bocelli

Andrea Bocelli can definitely call himself a happy man. The world-famous Italian singer is married to a wonderful woman and raises three children.

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Though Bocelli lost his sight at the age of 12 after a football accident, it didn’t stop him to become one of the greatest tenors of our time.

Andrea has two sons from his first marriage, however, he always dreamed to have a daughter. His second wife Veronica helped make his dream come true. In 2012, the couple welcomed a sweet baby girl, Virginia.


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When Bocelli first held his daughter in his arms and sang to her a song from the opera “Romeo and Juliette,” he realized what real happiness means.

The singer calls little Virginia “an angel, a product of a love story.” Nothing is more special than a bond between the father and his daughter.

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“Gift from God”

Bocelli doesn’t like to talk about his blindness during interviews. Instead, he focuses on what he loves most of all – music. The singer believes his voice is “a gift from God.”

He added:

And not only the voice — everything is. My life experience has taught me nothing happens by chance. 


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However, the biggest blessing of his life is even not the music, but his loving family. When you have someone to devote your greatest songs to, you can consider yourself a happy person. That’s exactly the truth about incredible and one-of-the-kind Andrea Bocelli.

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