Pippa Middleton Is Under Fire! The Mom-To-Be Is Criticized For Her Active Workouts During The Third Trimester

Date September 12, 2018

Pippa Middleton is under fire. Can you guess the reason?

It appears in someone’s opinion, Pippa leads too active lifestyle during her third trimester.


“Does Pippa Middleton realize that she’s pregnant?”

We all agree that Pippa Middleton, as well as her sister Kate, can boast of their slim figures. Just look at Kate. The Duchess is fabulous after giving birth to three children.

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Pippa is going to welcome her first baby soon. But according to The Guardian columnist, Barbara Ellen, Middleton’s behavior during the third trimester of pregnancy is a bit unusual. In fact, Ellen criticized the mom-to-be for her active workouts.

The columnist wrote:

Does Pippa Middleton realize that she’s pregnant, or does she think that she’s just fat? What is her problem with being a pregnant woman who looks and acts … pregnant? 

Ellen probably made her observation on the basis of Pippa’s love for physical activities. The Duchess’ sister indeed is a big fan of swimming, tennis, and yoga.

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Someone may say that Pippa is just lucky with genetics.  But, in fact, a good appearance and slim shape require a lot of efforts and time. Both Middleton sisters know that.

By the way, people on social media in their majority stand for Pippa’s defense saying that it’s up for the future mom to decide whether to work out or not.

Social media users support Pippa

Of course, intensive physical activity during pregnancy may be harmful to a future baby. However, being pregnant doesn’t have to be only about ‘eating for two’ and lying in bed all day long. We are sure Pippa Middleton knows what she’s doing. Wishing all the best to the mom-to-be!

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