'NCIS: LA' Star Linda Hunt Got Candid On How She Was Teased A Lot For Her Height, But Her Family Kept Her Going

Date April 2, 2019

The NCIS: Los Angeles star Linda Hunt won fans hearts due to her incredible charisma, exceptional sense of humor and self-irony. But few people know that Linda was teased a lot in her life because of her little height. The actress rarely talked about that sad experience.


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“My height affected my life”

Linda Hunt is truly one-of-a-kind. The actress made her TV debut almost 40 years ago when she appeared in Popeye.

With every new role, Hunt’s popularity kept growing. Her breakthrough came when she appeared in The Year of Living Dangerously, where the female actress played a man. Linda did her role brilliantly!


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But it appears that Linda’s path to success in Hollywood was not so easy. On the contrary, Linda had to battle a lot of difficulties to become who she is now. It was all about the actress’ little height.

Hunt was diagnosed with a form of dwarfism when she was a teenager. Specialists told her she would never grow taller than her current height of 4 feet 9 inches. 


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Different doesn’t mean worse

Due to her height, Linda was constantly teased during her school years. In a rare interview with CBS Sunday Morning, the actress revealed:

I was teased a lot, sure I was, of course. Fourth grade, fifth grade, sixth grade, everybody was taking their spurts except me. I was not growing up.


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It was her family that helped Linda get rid of her fears and believe in herself.

She said:

I was so lucky my parents were encouraging on every level.


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Living a happy life

Today, no one makes jokes or teases Hunt because of her height anymore. The actress is one of the biggest stars on TV due to her incredible role of Hetty Lange in NCIS: Los Angeles.

But Linda is successful not just in her career, but in her personal life too. The actress found her love, Karen, with whom they are together for 32 years.

The lovebirds have no kids, but they are the proud owners of two adorable dogs. Linda and Karen live a quiet life in a beautiful bungalow in a historic Hollywood neighborhood.

Linda Hunt’s story proves that nothing is impossible if you believe in yourself and don’t stop on the way to your dream. That’s what fans love and admire Linda for.

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