‘The Thorn Birds’ Star Richard Chamberlain Is Left Without His Beloved Partner Of 33 Years For A Heartbreaking Reason


March 14, 2019 10:08 By Fabiosa

Richard Chamberlain lost his life partner of 33 years for an unexpected reason. Why The Thorn Birds star has been left all alone in his 84?


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Meant to be together

Richard Chamberlain was every girl’s dream in the golden 80s. The young and handsome actor made his name for himself after his appearance in a number of successful films and television projects. His best roles were, probably, in the iconic mini-series The Thorn Birds and Shogun.  

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Till the recent time, Richard’s personal life was no less successful than his career. In 1984, the actor married his longtime manager, Martin Rabbett, who is 19 years younger than Chamberlain. They also dated for 7 years before tied the knot.


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Everyone, who knows Richard and Martin in person, could say they just meant to be together. Unfortunately, life is often unpredictable.

Heartbreaking choice

In 2010, Richard and Martin announced their split. What could make two loving persons separate after more than three decades together?

The reason was pretty trivial. Job! Well, Chamberlain’s job, to be exact.

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The actor decided to focus on his work and moved to Los Angeles looking for better career opportunities. Martin didn’t come with him and stayed in Hawaii.

A friend close to the ex-couple commented on their breakup in an interview with The Globe:

Richard thinks his work will make him complete, but it's never been enough for him.


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Chamberlain about his ‘coming out’

It was not easy for the Hollywood heartthrob to reveal his sexual identity back at those times. Moreover, Chamberlain confessed he was “desperately afraid” of doing it.

I felt somewhat besieged. I felt my career depended on a certain image.

Did Chamberlain regret choosing career and professional success over love and happy family life? The actor didn’t say.

At the recent time, Richard is completely focusing on his job. Nevertheless, fans still hope The Thorn Birds star will find happiness someday with a person he loves.

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