Is Gina Tognoni In The Past? ‘The Young And The Restless’ Eric Braeden Is Happy That Michelle Stafford Is Back To The Series

Date May 30, 2019 18:48

The Young And The Restless star Eric Braeden finally broke his silence on Gina Tognoni’s exit from the iconic series. What did he have to say to his former co-star?


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Behind the scenes of ‘Y&R’

Is it just us, or to follow the off-screen life of The Young And The Restless cast is no less exciting than watch the popular series itself?

Some members of the cast announce they are leaving the show; others surprise fans with their sudden return.

Gina Tognoni literally shocked her fans a few months ago, when announced about her departure from Y&R after 5 years. Gina joined the cast in 2014 and since then, she brilliantly played the role of Phyllis.

As it was confirmed recently, Michelle Stafford is returning to Y&R to get back to her role of Phyllis again after a 5-year break.


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Eric Braeden speaks out

Eric Braeden commented on Michelle Stafford’s sudden comeback via Twitter. The actor even didn’t hide his joy to work with Michelle again.


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Eric tweeted:

I couldn’t be happier that MICHELLE STAFFORD is back! When she left Y&R I was very upset…

As for Gina Tognoni, Braeden wrote he has the warmest feeling for her and highly admires Gina as an actress.

He added:

I have nothing but the greatest respect for Gina Tognoni, she’s a consummate professional!

Fans’ reaction

No doubt, the upcoming season of The Young And The Restless will be something really huge. Are you glad that Michelle returns to the series?