"I’m Looking To Enjoy My Life": A Little-Known Interview With Donald Trump From 1980 Reveals What Kind Of Person He Used To Be

Date November 21, 2018

Donald Trump is known for his brash style and lack of reserve. Many see him as a ruthless businessman who only entered politics and subsequently became president for his own gain. There’s no way of knowing for sure – only time will tell if Trump is a great or terrible president. But what kind of man he really is? Is the behavior we see now just a façade?


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One old interview with MSNBC dating back to 1980, which is one of Trump’s earliest TV appearances, may offer a rare glimpse into the workings of his mind. Trump was only 33 years old at the time, and he mostly talked about his business. But, at the end of the interview, he was asked:

Mr. Trump, what’s left in your life? You are 33 years old, you’re worth all these money, you say that you didn’t say that you want to be worth a billion dollars.


The future president responded with this:

No, I really don’t. I just want to keep busy and keep active and be interested in what I do, and that’s all there’s to life as far as I’m concerned. I’m not looking to make tremendous amounts of money – I’m looking to enjoy my life. And if that happens to go with it, that’s fabulous.


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This interview is another proof that Donald Trump has always been hard-working, energetic, and determined. His life hasn’t been just about making money – it’s has been about setting goals and getting whatever he set his mind on.


Three years after the interview aired, the construction of Trump Tower, which can be seen as a symbol of Trump’s success, was completed. He made a spectacular career in real estate business and show business, which, of course, had its ups and downs.


Trump entertained the thought about running for president long before he started his campaign in 2015. Back in 1999, he created a presidential exploratory committee to compete for the Reform Party nomination. But, in 2000, Trump abandoned (or, shall we say, postponed?) the idea of becoming president. But this man is a go-getter, and he got what he wanted in the end.

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