Happy And Cancer-Free! Julia-Louis Dreyfus Is Having A Great Time In Ireland After Completing Cancer Treatment

Date July 25, 2018 15:02

About 9 months ago, fans of Julia Louis-Dreyfus were hit with the devastating news: the actress was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Julia immediately began treatment, and she shared some painful personal moments on Instagram to let her fans know how she was doing.

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The Veep star’s fans rooted for her, and her loving family and friends were always by her side during the grueling treatment.

After completing chemo in January and undergoing surgery in February, Julia was finally declared cancer-free! Her nearest and dearest were overjoyed.

Now that the trying times are over, Julia got a new lease of life, and she’s enjoying her time in great places and in good company! She has recently been on Hawaii where she had lots of fun with her husband, Brad Hall.

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Their next destination is one of the most beautiful places on Earth: Ireland.

The couple has experienced the hospitality of this great country, and they are clearly enjoying themselves there:

Here’s Julia, loving the bright colors and the unique atmosphere:


Colorful Ireland. I absolutely love it here. ❤️🍀❤️🍀

Публикация от Julia Louis-Dreyfus (@officialjld)

A touch of ancient history – Drombeg Stone Circle. Julia’s caption to this photo is exactly on point!

Going to Bere Island for a bike ride, looking happy!

What a lovely view! It must be pure joy, being there:

Cancer diagnosis can be life-changing. Those who survive the ordeal usually emerge from it as new people, appreciating their lives more than ever before. Going on a vacation with your loved one is a great way to celebrate the triumph of life over the often-deadly disease. The moments we see in these pictures make life worth living. Way to go, Julia!

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