How Princess Charlotte Became A Fashion Icon And The Reason Why Her Outfits Are So Popular

Date July 25, 2018 16:01

Can you imagine a 3-year-old girl setting fashion trends across her country and beyond? This is exactly what Princess Charlotte does! One of the most talked-about young royals has been a style-setter from birth, and the public interest in her outfits can even benefit her country’s economy.


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It’s estimated that Princess Charlotte will bring the U.K. economy £3.2 billion ($4.5 billion) over her lifetime.


People have been interested in what the little princess wears since her first public appearance. Just 10 hours after she was born, her parents, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, introduced her to the world. She was wrapped in a £68 shawl made by G.H. Hurt & Sons.


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During that day, the company’s website saw a phenomenal surge in visits: 100,000 people from over 183 countries expressed their interest in buying the same shawl and other clothes that they make.


Duchess Catherine’s choice of outfits for her daughter can be described as quite down-to-earth. She often picks practical, comfortable, and elegant outfits for Princess Charlotte.


The princess’ wardrobe includes plenty of affordable, prêt-à-porter items, so if you want to dress your daughter to make her look like a princess, there are some choices that won’t break the bank!


We can often see Princess Charlotte wearing neat cardigans, floral dresses, and ballet pumps, and her wardrobe is dominated by soft colors. Duchess Catherine often chooses Spanish brands, such as Pepa & Co and M&H, and that may have to do with Princess Charlotte’s nanny Turrion Borrallo being Spanish (by the way, the young princess already speaks a little Spanish).

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