"OutDaughtered" Stars Struggled With Infertility But Ended Up With Six Daughters: How They Are Raising Their Girls

Date July 26, 2018 15:28

If you’re a fan of reality TV shows that focus on parenting, then you’ve probably heard about OutDaughtered, a hit TV show produced by TLC. Do you know the story of the Busbys, the family that stars in the show? It’s quite fascinating and unique!

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Adam and Danielle Busby's daughters

The show stars a family that is the only one of its kind in the United States. Adam and Danielle Busby are parents of the only all-girl quintuplets in the country! The girls are a little older than 3 years now, and the couple also has an older daughter, Blayke, who turned 7 this year.

Adam and Danielle Busby had long wanted to have a baby, but they struggled with infertility. Thanks to successful treatment, they gave birth to their first daughter in 2011. The couple made the decision to have more children, and they had to undergo treatment for infertility again. Daniele became pregnant in 2014, and this time, the lucky parents were in for a surprise…

We can only imagine their reaction when an ultrasound revealed they were expecting quintuplets!

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Danielle gave birth to the girls at 28 weeks, which is considered premature. The babies had to spend a couple of months in the NICU until they got well enough to go home.

You can say the Busbys have their hands full, but the mom and dad enjoy every minute of it. The girls are only three years old, but they have already started to show their own unique personalities.

The family sticks to a schedule to keep their household running smoothly. Also, 7-year-old Blayke helps her parents with her younger siblings.

Parenting seems like a full-time job in itself, especially if you have six kids, but Adam and Danielle actually work. Adam is an account manager, and his wife works as an independent beauty consultant. It looks like they took the skill of maintaining work-life balance to a whole new level!

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