"I Was Shell-Shocked": Giuliana Rancic Speaks Openly About Her Breast Cancer Diagnosis And Treatment And Urges Other Women To Get Checked

Date August 10, 2018 18:54

How Giuliana Rancic found out she had breast cancer

In 2011, Giuliana Rancic had been struggling with fertility issues for a few years. She was determined to have a baby and was about to attempt another IVF, when her doctor made her get a mammogram to make sure she doesn’t have cancer.

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This is exactly what the mammogram revealed. Rancic was shocked, as she was feeling fine and never suspected she could have the disease. At first, she panicked. The TV star told Health:

I was shell-shocked. I thought I was going to die. I didn’t know that if you find breast cancer early enough, you have a 98 percent survival rate.

Luckily for her, the cancer was detected early. Rancic underwent double mastectomy and radiation therapy. The treatment was a success, and she was declared cancer-free.

As her cancer was discovered accidentally, Rancic urges other women to get checked, as the disease is highly curable if found early. She said on the Today Show:

I think a lot of us think we're invincible. But we have to start putting ourselves on the to-do list. I just want women out there to know if you can just find it early, you'll be OK. I found it early.

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Life goes on

Her cancer treatment meant getting pregnant was a risky move, but Giuliana and her husband Bill still wanted to have a baby. The couple found a surrogate mother, and she gave birth to their son in August 2012. The named the boy Edward Duke.

These days, Giuliana is happy and healthy, and she’s simply grateful for the joys of motherhood that so many take for granted. The TV star shares the story of her diagnosis and treatment with others, and she’s had women approach her and tell her that they got checked for breast cancer because of her revelation.

Rancic is also involved with the charity Not One Type. As its name suggests, it works to educate women affected by the disease about their specific type of breast cancer. Rancic told People:

There are just so many factors that go into your treatment and if you could just go into the doctor’s office with your questions ready and do the research with those answers, then you’ll be so much better equipped to move forward and get the treatment that’s right for you.

We are so glad that there are people like Giuliana Rancic who use their popularity and their personal stories to raise awareness about cancer. Keep up the good work, Giuliana!

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