Pregnant Hilary Duff Caught Flak For Wearing A Bikini, But She Had A Perfect Response To Shamers

Date August 22, 2018 18:17

Contrary to what many of us think, celebrities’ life isn’t always easy. They may have all the money in the world, but there’s one thing they simply can’t afford: privacy.


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Hilary Duff was shamed for wearing a bikini

Hilary Duff has been sharing some sweet moments of her second pregnancy. In June 2018, Hillary announced she is expecting a baby girl with her boyfriend Matthew Koma. The actress also has a six-year-old son, Luca, who she co-parents with her ex-husband Mike Comrie.


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Earlier this month, Hilary has been spotted with her boyfriend, having a great time at the beach. Her pictures were posted by various tabloids, including TMZ, and the actress caught flak from readers. What’s the fuss about? She was wearing a bikini, and some people thought it was inappropriate.

One Twitter user commented:


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Hilary's response

Obviously, Hilary is tired of being followed when she wants to be left alone and enjoy some privacy. Plus, she is not amused by people sneakily photographing her and posting her pictures online. Anyway, the actress managed to find something positive in this.


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Her latest Instagram post is a cute picture of her and her boyfriend taken by a fan. In the caption to this photo, Hilary wrote a perfect response to obsessed fans and haters alike:

The picture has been liked more than 680,000 times and received hundreds of supportive comments. Here are some of them:

Hilary it shows true love between 3 people. It's so gorgious!!

What a great perspective. You are in the spotlight which must be incredibly invasive and stressful but way to see the silver lining and appreciate moments where they capture something beautiful 💜💜

It's annoying that your privacy is so constantly invaded, but this is such a tender moment I'm happy you have it.

Creepy way to get the picture but adorable nonetheless. Still can't quite figure out how it is legal to stalk people

I hate the invasive paparazzi. But...agreed. This is a very sweet photo.

After all, it should be only up to Hilary what to wear, where to go, and what to share with her followers. And there’s nothing indecent about a pregnant woman wearing a two-piece swimsuit.


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Actually, Hilary looks great in these pictures! Do you agree?

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