"I Was A Brat": Judge Judy Opened Up About Her Childhood And What Led Her Into The World Of Law

Date September 21, 2018 16:17

Judge Judy Sheindlin, known to most as Judge Judy, is a veteran of reality TV. Her court show has been on the air for a whopping two decades! And America’s favorite judge has no plans to retire any time soon.

Before the show, Judge Sheindlin had already made an impressive career. She started out as a corporate lawyer, then she became a prosecution lawyer and was later appointed as a criminal court judge, before her eventual appointment as a family court judge.


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Judge Judy was predestined to become a lawyer

The celebrity judge knew she would make a career in law since childhood, but what led her to choose this path? An interview she gave back in 2009 may offer a few clues!


When asked by the interviewer what she was like as a kid, the judge said:

I was a brat. I think I was precocious.

She added:

I like to think that I was fun, from what they tell me. I was fun and an interesting child.

She also described herself as “a bit of a tomboy.”


As a child, she dabbled in painting, ballet, and music, but her real talent and passion have always been "talking, and arguing, and debating."

Judge Judy was predestined to become a lawyer. When asked what she wanted to be when she was a child, she said:

A lawyer, always.


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She went on to say that her father thought she would make a good politician, and she entertained the idea for a while. Once she was an adult, she realized she would make a “terrible politician”, but she found she was a natural in her chosen area – the law. She said:

I always say if you choose something you’re naturally adept at and you can figure out how to make a living at it, you’re ahead of the game.


The famous judge had never thought she would end up on TV, because, in her mind, she didn’t have any particular talent that people would want to watch on television. But look where she is now!


Judge Sheindlin figured out what her passion was quite early in life. But she urges those who find something they are passionate about when they are older to just go for it! It seems like a sound piece of advice.


It’s easy to understand why her show is so popular. Judge Judy is a people person, and that’s part of what got her where she is now.

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