Chrissy Teigen Shares A Cute Video Of Her 9-Week-Old Son, And He Looks Exactly Like His Famous Dad

Date July 26, 2018 18:21

With some babies, it may be hard to tell whether they look like their mom or dad until they get older, but some look exactly like one of their parents right from birth. Watching this video, you can tell this sweet 9-week-old boy certainly takes after his famous dad!

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Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are one of the cutest celebrity couples. They are also parents of two beautiful babies: Luna, aged 2, and Miles, who is only 9 weeks old.


My little Miles

Публикация от John Legend (@johnlegend)

Both Chrissy and John have been sharing cute and touching family moments on Instagram, much to the delight of their fans. In Chrissy’s latest video, you can see her playing with baby Miles, and the boy’s features are already starting to show!

The family’s fans couldn’t contain their excitement after watching this video. Chrissy’s followers were quick to point out that baby Miles already looks like his dad. One of them wrote:

He looks so much like his daddy. Adorable kids you 2 have!

Another one commented:

Wow do your beautiful children have their daddy's smile!

Can’t disagree with that! Their dad’s smile radiates kindness.

Who wouldn’t want to babysit this precious little boy? One fan wrote:

Oh my word, can I babysit? He’s so adorable!

Another fan thinks Miles looks both like Chrissy and John:

He is just the perfect amount of you both. He is an absolute beautiful baby boy. You two should have a house full. You two make some beautiful babies.

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The couple hasn’t been shy to post pictures of some personal moments from their journey as parents:

There’s nothing to be shy about. It seems Chrissy and John are doing a great job as parents! These two have repeatedly stressed the importance of being present as their kids grow up, and their demanding jobs won’t get in the way of spending time with their little ones.

In one interview with Esquire, John Legend said:

Being a dad is about setting your priorities in the right place, listening to your partner and paying attention to what they might need. It's not letting work or outside distractions take away from those moments. You can read all the books you want and get all the advice you want, but the key is doing it with intention and mindfulness.

From what we can see, these celebrity mom and dad actually practice what they preach. Keep up the good work, Chrissy and John!

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