They Are All Grown Up Now! Brooke Shields Shares A Cute Family Photo With Her Daughters And Gives A Few Parenting Tips

Date July 18, 2018

If you’re a fan of Brooke Shields, then you most certainly noticed her active presence on social media. As many of her colleagues do, the actress sometimes shares snaps of happy family moments with her followers.

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In her recent pictures, we see her teenage daughters, all grown up. Shields and her husband, Chris Henchy, have two daughters: Rowan, aged 15, and Grier, aged 12. The girls are real beauties, so many think it would make sense for them to become child models, just like their mother did. But will Brooke Shields allow this? No way! According to the actress, education should be the top priority.

In an interview with Social Life, the actress stressed the importance of education and said modeling shouldn’t get in the way of obtaining a degree. She told the magazine that if her daughters want to enter modeling, they would first have to get their degrees.

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Brooke Shields, who is a Princeton graduate, told Page Six that education saved her from being consumed by the ruthless business that is modeling:

If I hadn’t had the intellectual piece as my friend, I would have been more devoured by an industry that has no loyalty whatsoever. You do think because you’ve been in the industry all of your life it will be loyal, but it’s the antithesis of that.

The actress also told People she limits screen time for her daughters:

My daughter Rowan doesn’t have any of her passwords. She has to ask me to log her in. She’s so mad and embarrassed with her friends, but I’m tough like that.

Shields’ parenting style shows that she learned from her own mother’s mistakes. In her memoir, There Was a Little Girl, the actress wrote about her difficult relationships with her mom:

I felt abandoned by her. My unhappiness was rooted in my mother's inability to stop drinking.

Shields is a strict mother, but she loves her daughters dearly. In an interview with Closer Weekly, she said:

Being with my children is one of the purest joys that I have.

Shields’ daughters may or may not follow in their mother’s footsteps, but here’s the most important thing: Whatever she decides for them, she does it with great love.

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