She's A "Nobody": Ivana Trump Shared Her Opinion About Marla Maples And Warned Women About Signs Of Infidelity

Date July 16, 2018

When Donald Trump announced he’s going to run for president, his ex-wife Ivana Trump got into the spotlight again. People wanted to know all about Ivana’s current and past relationship with her ex-husband, including his infidelity and their subsequent divorce. Well, Ivana has never been shy to speak about it.


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In one interview she gave after the divorce, she was asked:

How do you know if your husband is having an affair?

Ivana replied:

Well, if a man suddenly goes and starts to exercise, and loses a thousand pounds, and he’s polishing his nails, you know, he goes and he buys the new suits and all that… There are usually signs that it’s something out of the character of the person. And if he didn’t do it for you, who did he do it for?


When asked if she saw one of these signs, Ivana said she didn’t.

Although she admitted she was hurt and humiliated when she found out about Donald’s affair, and her self-esteem took a hit, she managed to recover. She said:

It’s very hard, because your confidence as a woman is zero. But then, it does pass. Again, like I said, by the minute. I’m young, I’m not ugly, I’m not ill, I have intelligence… There are many other men out there, which I can have a nice relationship with, I can spend time with, I can have fun with. And if you’re holding to just idea of being married to the wrong person, that’s a wrong idea.

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After the divorce, Donald and Ivana still managed to maintain an amicable relationship. Their kids, Donald Jr., Ivanka, and Eric, stayed with Ivana, but their dad continued to see them as often as he could. To this day, Donald and Ivana remain friends, and he often asks her for advice.


Ivana doesn’t blame the affair solely on her husband. In fact, Marla Maples is the one who gets the blame here, and there’s clearly no love lost between Ivana and Marla. In an interview with CBS Sunday Morning, Ivana said this about the woman Donald cheated on her with:

I don't talk about her. She's a showgirl. Never achieved anything in her life.


When asked about blaming Marla, Ivana replied:

Well, she was flirting. I think she was flirting and she got away with it.

While Donald Trump's first wife doesn’t think much of Marla, she is in a good relationship with Melania Trump. Here’s what she said about them:

One is nobody, and the other one is first lady.


After her divorce with Donald, Ivana married and divorced two more times. And she’s still got game! When asked about her preference for younger men in an interview with CBS Sunday Morning, she said:

I’d rather be a babysitter than a nursemaid. And I don’t need to worry about the bad knee and bad back and Viagra and all that stuff.


When asked about marriage and qualities she wants to see in a man in an interview with the New York Post, Ivana said:

If you are a married woman, you usually follow what the man wants to do. I can do whatever what I want. I’m not getting married again. But I like companions. The most important for me is honesty, good humor — not necessarily a millionaire. I don’t need [money].


Well, good for her!

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