Jacqueline Laurita's Autistic Son Was Kicked Out Of A Library, And She Decided Not To Stay Silent About It

Date September 13, 2018 09:51

How Jacqueline Laurita found out about her son’s autism

Jacqueline and Chris Laurita were overjoyed when they welcomed their son Nicholas in 2009. The boy was reaching milestone after milestone, much to the delight of his proud parents.

The Lauritas grew concerned when 18-month-old Nicholas started to lose speech and motor skills and stopped reacting to his name and people around him. Months later, Nick was diagnosed with autism.


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Although Nick’s diagnosis was difficult to process at first, Jacqueline and Chris received overwhelming support from other parents of kids with autism. The Lauritas are doing everything they can for their son to have a normal life.


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An incident at the library

Nicholas Laurita is 9 years old now. His parents have been sharing his progress every step of the way, and it seems he’s doing great. Most of his interactions with others are positive. However, some people aren’t always friendly and accepting.


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As Jacqueline wrote in an Instagram post, her son didn’t want to leave and had a meltdown. Other visitors of the library simply looked on and no one offered help. People in the library simply assumed Nick was just a typical kid having a tantrum.

Jacqueline and her husband took to social media to share their son’s heartbreaking experience. The library issued a statement about their policy to People Magazine, but they failed to apologize.


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How Jacqueline and Chris help other parents of kids with autism

As the library incident shows, many people are still clueless about autism and how it manifests. The Lauritas set out to change that to create more positive experiences for their son and other autistic children.


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Jaqueline and her husband Chris have been outspoken autism activists ever since their son was diagnosed. They are involved with numerous organizations and charities dedicated to autism, and they try to visit as many events and conferences on autism as they can. In an interview with, Jacqueline said:

We attend close to 10 autism-related conferences a year, where we either give a speech, sit on a panel with other parents, or just go to mingle. We go as often as we can to share our story, meet other parents, and answer whatever questions people have.


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There’s still a lot of work to do in educating the public about autism, and Nick’s parents vowed to continue doing that. Jacqueline told

I didn’t want Nicholas to think we don’t talk about autism in public. I just want autism to be more understood and accepted. I want Nicholas to be proud of who he is.


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The Lauritas are doing a great job as parents and activists. Their son is lucky to have them, and they are lucky to have him, too!

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