Happily Ever After Didn't Last: Marla Maples Talks About Why Her Marriage With Donald Trump Fell Apart

Date July 17, 2018 15:56

Marla Maples, Donald Trump’s second wife and mother of his younger daughter, Tiffany, doesn't get as much attention as Ivana Trump and Melania Trump do. Still, she has a few insightful things to say about her ex-husband and their marriage.


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Donald Trump’s relationship with Marla started when he was still married to his first wife, Ivana. The affair eventually ended his first marriage, and Trump married his mistress.

Donald and Marla’s marriage didn’t last. The couple tied the knot in 1993 and divorced in 1999. But why did things end? And what does Marla think about her ex?


The public expected a scandalous divorce. Many thought Maples would publish a scathing tell-all, but that didn’t happen. Actually, Donald and Marla ended things quite amicably. And, most importantly, Donald never forgot about Tiffany. As Maples said on The Wendy Williams Show, he took very good care of his daughter as she was growing up.

In the same interview, Marla spoke very fondly about Ivanka Trump. She called Ivanka her “little angel” and said she is happy that she and Tiffany get along very well.

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Speaking about Donald Trump and Marla Maples’ divorce, she doesn’t put the blame on him. Marla said they were just too different, and this is why their marriage fell apart. In an interview with Access Hollywood, she said:

Well, he and I … were so different, as you could probably imagine. He came with his positive ability to see the world, make money, get out there.

I think you always hope in a marriage that you can bring the best out in each other. But after many years, we realized we weren't. And then, you have to move on. You know girls when we're in our twenties. We want to change the men we're with, we think that love is going to make them a little softer, and you think, 'I will learn how to speak out stronger for what I believe in.' Because I'm a Southern girl and I often just smile and keep on going. But I have my own thoughts and my own views, and it's time now to express them.


Although their relationship didn't end well, Marla said it started very romantically:

I just think the first moment I met him, I had a sense like I had known him before. It was much deeper than just whatever you might feel. We had a sense of like, if you believe in past lives or you don't, it was as if we did know each other. It was oddly like family.


There have been speculations about Trump paying his ex-wife to keep the truth about their marriage to herself. But she denied the rumors:

There's been folks that think he's been paying me not to speak. Absolutely not true! He's the father of my child. I do not want to speak negatively about him. But do we agree on everything? Absolutely not. We would still be married if we did.

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