"I Think We Found Our Future Farm Manager": Matt Roloff Posts An Adorable And Funny Pic Of Jackson Trying To Take Over His Job


August 17, 2018 15:10 By Fabiosa

Ever since Zach and Tori Roloff welcomed their son Jackson, the family’s fans have been gushing about how cute the boy is. Well, we can understand that: Jackson is simply adorable!


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Zach and Tory are doing a great job as parents, and the boy’s grandpa is always more than happy to help with that. Matt enjoys babysitting Jackson, and they do a lot of fun things together. The two especially like spending time on the farm.


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Like every other 15-month-old boy, Jackson can’t just sit still! He loves to explore the world around him. And the little guy may have just figured out what he would like to do once he’s older…


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Matt Roloff, the head of the family, likes to share funny and cute grandpa-grandson moments with fans. In Matt’s latest snap on Instagram, Jackson is seemingly trying to take over his job.


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Matt joked in the caption:

Pulled up to say hi to Zach and look who crawled right up to take over my rig. Little fella is getting ahead of himself. I think we found our future farm Manager.

He added in the comments:

Little guys trying to push me out of a job already.. and boy am I happy


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Fans immediately flooded the comment section with love and admiration. Here are some of the comments:

Love this pic of Grampa Matt and Baby Jackson

He is your little buddy for sure and it looks like he would like a turn at that steering wheel grandpop

You and your grandson is the cutest thing ever

Grandpa’s Boy ! He will make a great manager! Look who ,s training him ! Good looking Boy!

I love this pic. He is the cutest little farmer.

It seems Jackson is everybody’s favorite Roloff. He’s just 15 months old, but he’s one of the sassiest kids on TV! This boy is quite a character.


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If Jackson decides to follow in Matt’s footsteps, Matt already knows the farm will be in good hands. Jackson has a great example to follow.


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Love them or hate them, the Roloffs are an adorable family. Obviously, Matt is a cool grandpa, and he really enjoys spending time with Jackson and his other grandkids. Even though they are still young, he can teach them a lot. Keep up the good work, Matt!

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