Baby Plans On Hold? Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Are About To Visit Countries Plagued By Zika

Date June 18, 2018

What’s wrong with Harry and Meghan’s first official oversear tour?

This fall, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are going to travel across the world for their first official foreign tour. The couple is going to visit Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, and Tonga. In Australia, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will attend Invictus Games, a sports event created by Prince Harry.


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It all sounds exciting, right? Well, we should be worried rather than excited. According to the International Association for Medical Assistance for Travelers and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the two places on the couple’s itinerary – namely, Fiji and Tonga – are currently plagued by Zika virus.

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Given Harry and Meghan’s alleged plans to have a baby in the nearest future, they should be especially cautious when travelling to areas affected by Zika. If the couple announces Meghan’s pregnancy before the trip, they will most likely change their plans, as the virus is particularly dangerous to pregnant women.


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What is Zika virus, and why pregnant women should avoid it at all costs?

Zika virus is a virus spread by Aedes mosquitoes, the ones that also carry dengue fever, yellow fever, and chikungunya virus. There are two ways of transmission of this virus: getting bitten by a carrier mosquito or having sex with an infected person.

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Most people affected by Zika don’t develop symptoms, and the infection passes on its own. If symptoms are present, they may include the following:

  • fever;
  • headache;
  • rash and itching;
  • joint and muscle pain;
  • eye redness (“pink eye”).

In most cases, symptoms can be managed with over-the-counter medicines until the infection clears.

The virus isn’t much of a threat to people in good health and women who aren’t pregnant. But if a pregnant woman gets infected, the virus can lead to severe birth defects in her unborn baby. The most common birth defect caused by Zika is microcephaly – the baby is born with an underdeveloped head and brain.

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To protect yourself from the virus, you should first check if the area you’re going to travel to is affected. Once you’re there, take measures to prevent getting bitten by mosquitoes. These include:

  • wearing insect repellent;
  • wearing trousers and long sleeves;
  • sleeping only under a mosquito net;
  • using screens on windows and doors;
  • avoiding stagnant water and other places where mosquitoes thrive.

Source: The Sun, Daily Star, WebMD

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