John Stamos Posted A Cute Picture With His Baby Son, But Fans Noticed An Alarming Detail And Warned Him

Date October 1, 2018

“Full House” star John Stamos welcomed his son Billy on April 15, 2018. Welcoming a child into this world is a joy for every parent, but John was especially excited, since he became a first-time dad at the age of 54.

He announced the great news to his fans in a heartfelt Instagram post:

Despite his busy schedule, John is a present parent. He spends a lot of time with his wife and baby son and shares some happy family moments with his fans on Instagram.


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John posted a cute picture with his son, but it alarmed his fans

In July, when Billy was three months old, John took him on a walk to explore New York City. They went to see Times Square, where they snapped a cute picture. John later shared the snap on Instagram, but many fans were alarmed when they saw it. What’s wrong with it?


The Stamos boys take Manhattan.

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As many fans pointed out, Billy is facing outward in his carrier in this picture. So they decided to warn the actor that this position may be unsafe for the baby’s neck and back, as Billy was only 3 months old at the time.

People recommended John to put his baby facing inward in the carrier. And most of them did so quite politely – something you rarely see on the Internet!

Please please don’t carry your baby like this. Your baby has to look to you. Not away from you. It’s so bad for it’s back

Don’t carry baby facing forward. It’s bad for their spine and hip development. Congratulations on being a Dad!

I read an article saying that people telling him he’s baby wearing wrong is dad shaming. It isn’t. It is unsafe to carry a baby at that age forward facing. Should 100% be faced inward. That’s just parent sharing. One parent to the other. From a Momma of multiples to a new parent, it’s an FYI. I had the same told to me with my first. ❤️


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But let’s not be too hard on John, people. He’s a first-time parent, after all, and every new parent makes mistakes! We are sure the actor got the message and started carrying his baby as recommended.


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Were the actor’s fans right to be worried?

Fans who warned John about his baby’s position in the carrier were absolutely right. Parents may use baby carriers starting in the babies’ first months of life, but they need to know how to do it correctly.

For babies younger than 6 months, it’s recommended to put them in a carrier facing inward to give them better back and neck support.

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By the time babies turn 6 months, their neck muscles have become stronger. Also, they usually become more interested in exploring their surroundings by this time. So at this point, a parent can change his (or her) baby’s position in the carrier to outward-facing.

Parents should keep their babies’ safety in mind in everything they do!

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