Valerie Harper Was Diagnosed With Terminal Cancer And Was Expected To Live Just 3 More Months. 5 Years Later, She's Alive And Kicking!

Date August 2, 2018

Remember Valerie Harper, who is best known as Rhoda from the groundbreaking show from the 70’s titled The Mary Tyler Moore Show? Many Harper’s fans are wondering how she’s doing now, after they learned about her cancer diagnosis.


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Well, the actress is as tough as they come. Back in 2009, she learned she had lung cancer. That was a surprise for Valerie, as she had never smoked. The tumor was successfully removed from her lung, and Valerie went on with her life. She didn’t undergo chemo or radiation at that time.

In 2013, it became clear that the problem with Harper’s health was much worse. A test revealed that the cancer had spread to the meninges, which is the lining of the brain. The actress was diagnosed with leptomeningeal carcinomatosis, and her doctors expected her to live just three more months.


Five years have passed since the devastating diagnosis, and Valerie is still with us. Once she was diagnosed, she was offered treatment with a new chemotherapy drug and readily agreed. The treatment worked so well that the actress defied everyone’s expectations!


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Valerie’s oncologist, Dr. Jeremy Rudnick, told People:

It’s a miracle she’s still here.

In the same interview, he said:

Valerie developed this disease at a time when we keep coming up with stronger and better targeting drugs for her particular cancer. The longer we keep her alive the more options we have.


On a number of occasions, Harper has spoken about how grateful she is for the excellent care she’s getting. In addition to the traditional treatment, the actress practices acupuncture and visualization, and also drinks Chinese herbal teas. She also says her husband has been very supportive, and he makes sure she takes her medicines, eats right, and exercises.


We hope Valerie Harper continues to beat the odds and fight the terrible disease with spectacular success. Way to go, Valerie!

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