Meghan Markle Looks So Youthful And Glowing At Age 36. What's Her Secret?

Date May 17, 2018

When you look at pictures of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, you may think Meghan is younger than Harry. But Prince Harry’s fiancée is actually 3 years older; she is 36, and he is 33. How does the soon-to-be Duchess maintain the youthful, glowing look? She eats right, exercises, and does yoga but there’s one more Meghan’s beauty secret - inner facials.


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The inner facial is a massage technique designed by Nichola Joss, a celebrity specialist whose list of clients includes Meghan Markle, Kate Moss, and Jennifer Lopez. Why is it called an inner facial? Because it involves massaging the cheek muscles from the inside. Joss told PEOPLE about it:

It adds vitality to the muscle. It makes it softer but stronger, and obviously working from the inside of the mouth really addresses the core element of the muscle.

The massage lasts 60 minutes and costs £250 per session, according to Nichola’s website.


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If you aren’t anywhere near London (where Nichola works) and don’t have £250 to spare, you can use a few simple massage movements Joss shared on Instagram:

In addition to the massage, you can try a few exercises to improve the tone of facial muscles and give your face a natural glow.

JRP Studio /

1. Flirty eyes

This exercise improves the skin around the eyes. Here’s how to do it:

  • pull your lips in and open your mouth;
  • put your index fingers under the eyes, the fingers pointing at each other;
  • look up, blink as fast as you can for 30 seconds, and relax.

2. The smile smoother

Do this exercise to improve the tone of your cheek muscles and area around the mouth:

  • stick your tongue firmly into one side of the mouth, against your mouth-to-nose lines from the inside;
  • hold the expression for 10-15 seconds and do the same for the other side;
  • do one more rep for each side;
  • draw your lips in and open your mouth;
  • keeping the expression, stroke the mouth-to-nose lines with your index fingers about 10 times.

3. Smooth the brows

This move helps with the wrinkles on your forehead:

  • put your fingertips vertically in the middle of your forehead;
  • pressing your fingertips only slightly, sweep them from the middle of your forehead to the temples;
  • return to the initial position and repeat 10 times.

Source: PEOPLE, Mirror Online, Birchbox

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