Michelle And Barack Obama's Parenting Style: The Secrets Of Successful Parents

Date July 20, 2018 15:23

You may not like them as politicians, but their parenting style is most certainly on point! Michelle and Barack Obama not only succeeded at politics but also at being parents, as they’ve raised two beautiful, well-educated, and well-mannered young women, Malia Ann, 20, and Natasha (more know as Sasha), 17. How did they do it?


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Michelle Obama's parenting wisdom

The Obama family drew the world’s attention when Barack became the 44th President of the U.S. on January 20, 2009. Therefore, the goal number one was to protect the children from the unnecessary spotlight. Michelle was calling herself “mom in chef,” as the woman prioritized family more than her job. She would work only three days a week and visit all the girls’ school events.


The mother says she was able to raise “smart and beautiful, but more importantly, kind and thoughtful” young women because she had been teaching these traits from the very young age. Moreover, she had given the girls space to taste all the life’s hard lessons. Michelle can hardly be called overprotective mom:

I can’t cherish you to death. We have to raise our children to be the adults that we want them to be, and that starts young. Sometimes our fear keeps us from pushing our kids out into the cold cruel world. And then they’re not ready and we wonder why.

Talking about the girls living for the most part in a bubble, Michelle together with Barack decided not to feel sorry for their girls because of the pressure:

We could’ve felt bad for them, and there would’ve been a truth there. But our view was this is their life, and we can’t apologize for the life they have because a whole lot of it is good.


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Barack Obama's parenting wisdom

As for Barack Obama, he was pretty afraid of becoming a father at first. Luckily, his wife encouraged him to work as a team and spend more time in their daughter’s life. And after the many years of being a parent, Barack gave some clear and somewhat practical tips regarding parenting.

  1. The first ex-president’s advice is to be more settled before having babies. The reason behind this is that children are super resource consuming. Being a little settled can help future parents get the right balance.
  2. Another advice is to have the right partner, who is prepared to share the process of parenting with you and who is willing to work as a team.
  3. “If you’re going to be home, be home.” Every parent should understand that vegging out in front of a TV set doesn’t really count. Spending time with your family does mean you can relax with it. Be engaged and participate in your children’s life.
  4. Being a parent is even more important in your life than your job, or hobbies, or whatever. On your last breath, you are going to remember the most precious and intimate family moments and not the signed contracts. Remember what’s important and act accordingly.


Watch the life lessons on being a parent from Barack Obama:

We believe that Barack and Michelle are great parents and find their meaningful words very helpful! What would you recommend for any parent to remember?

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Barack Obama Parenting Style