Is Donald Trump A Good Husband? Melania Trump Praises Him, But What Does Ivana Have To Say?

Date March 5, 2019 12:59

Surely, Donald Trump is an extraordinary person. He was a successful businessman and television personality. And now he is the current president of the United States. Many people want to know more about his life. Is he a good husband? Melania Trump has always praised her spouse’s qualities and attitude. But what does the ex-wife, Ivana Trump have to say regarding Donald?

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Donald + Melania

Melania and Donald married back in 2005. The couple has one child, Barron Trump. The First Lady says she is absolutely happy with her husband. The wife states that Donald Trump is very supportive and understands her when she needs time for herself. The former model says:

He's a great husband, very understanding if I need time for myself. We are both very independent. He works in the office and I work at home. And he understands that, if I say I need an hour, I'm going to take a bath or I'm going to have a massage, he doesn't have anything against it.

Melania also praises her husband’s parenting style. She says he teaches discipline his children, which is almost a guarantee of success for every person. It seems that dad wants to pass on his best qualities.


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Donald + Ivana

As for Ivana Trump, the woman says she was his partner, as their marriage was a business for Donald Trump. The wife was absolutely fine with this conception up until the divorce kicked in. When the lawyers got involved things became very dirty, but according to Ivana, it was all because of the money. She also mentions that Trump may say some silly things sometimes that people who don’t know him might view as something weird.


Ivana Trump, who has 3 children with Donald, says her ex-husband treated her absolutely fantastically during their marriage. He has never touched her in a bad way and always supported her. The woman can recall only positive things about their relationship, which is why they are still friends and keep in touch with each other.

But it gets tricky, because you know, his wife, now-wife, is there, and I don't want to confuse anybody or cause any troubles. But we speak to each other. We talk about the kids. We talk about holidays, you know, vacations, and birthdays. These kind of things.


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Both Ivana and Melania claim that Trump has never mistreated them. We believe that no more evidence is needed – Donald Trump seems to be a great husband indeed.

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