101-Year-Old Kirk Douglas Has Seen It All: What Is The Secret Of His Longevity?

Date July 26, 2018

It looks like legendary Kirk Douglas is indeed immortal, or at least, we hope so. One of the greatest actors of all time is 101 years old and still going strong. Ever wondered what is his secret of such a long and healthy life (except for money, of course)? Let’s try to sort things out!


Happy birthday 101 years and still sexy love you with all my heart Pappy

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Kirk Douglas - the man, the legend.

Issur Danielovitch (Kirk Douglas’s first name) was born on December 9, back in 1916. This man has seen it all: the Great Depression, the Second World War, the first lunar landing, the birth of the Internet, etc. He has observed hundreds of changes in human lifestyles. If you ever wondered how to live long, he is definitely the right person to ask this question.


In fact, it was a miracle that Mr. Douglas survived a severe stroke back in 1996. This horrible condition resulted in permanent speech impairment, yet he is here, alive, and well. Moreover, the doctors said he wouldn’t be able to speak, but with the help of daily therapy and determination, Kirk Douglas regained his ability to speak, though the diction is still slurred. But let’s be honest, who wouldn’t have problems with their speech at 101 years.

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How to live long?

Howard S. Friedman, a psychology professor at the University of California, and Leslie R. Martin, a psychology professor at LaSierra University, started a project called “The Longevity Project,” which aims to explain the secret behind long life. According to the studies, the scientists found out that the healthiest people are those whose lives are meaningful and more or less exciting. So, they’ve developed 5 basic tips for you to live longer:

1. Move your body!

Interestingly enough, the first and most important advice is to be physically active. It doesn’t even mean going to the gym or doing sports. You just have to stay active as long as you can. Watch how Kirk does it:

2. Accept your challenges

If you think you should keep it easy and slow to live a long life, you are wrong! Apparently, those who achieved more, lived more. It is important to withstand any difficulties and fight for your place in this world, not just quietly adapt to things.

3. Stay connected

For almost any teenager, it is essential to stay connected with the society. However, a few people realize that it is even more important when getting older. The support from your friends and family really can boost your health. Spend more time with your close ones!


Words cannot express.... #Powerful #Bloodline

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4. Happy marriage - longer life

People in happy, fulfilling marriages tend to be happier, and as a result – healthier! However, what is interesting is that most divorced or widowed women did well nonetheless.

5. Gather healthy people around you

It is best to have active and happy people around you. The researchers claim that people typically become healthier in the group of other healthy individuals because of the collective mind. hero 💪 I Love you Pappy #theoneandonly

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We wish Kirk Douglas great health. Stay as active and cheerful, Mr. Douglas!

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