Hoda Kotb Breast Cancer Story: She Said One Single Word Helped Her Go Through The Deadly Disease

Date July 17, 2018

Hearing the diagnosis of “breast cancer” can and surely will stun anyone. There are tons of articles and news related to the subject, but we rarely think something like this can happen to us or our family and friends.

Did you know that famous TV-presenter and journalist Hoda Kotb, 53, also fell into this trap at one point? The woman has been promoting and stressing the importance of regular mammograms, yet never actually did one until the ordinary visit to her gynecologist in 2007 turned into a nightmare that came true.


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True journalist

Kotb discovered a lump in her breast and thought it was nothing serious. After confirming cancer via mammogram and biopsy, the woman underwent mastectomy and reconstructive surgery. Fortunately, she didn’t have to get chemotherapy, as the disease hadn’t metastasized. Hoda recalls the terrifying change in her life:

Like so many women every day, I was in the midst of my life as usual and all of a sudden my entire world was thrown upside down. It was especially shocking because I had really remained optimistic about the lump. I kept telling myself it was nothing, and I think I had convinced myself of that.

From the minute Hoda learned about the diagnosis, she became not only a journalist but also an advocate for breast cancer awareness: Today Show filmed the most of her treatment and recovery to educate, warn, and inspire other women.


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Staying positive and looking forward

During Kotb’s treatment, the woman was shocked by one more horrible piece of news: her husband’s infidelity. The painful divorce certainly didn’t help her stay positive, so what did? The support from her family kept her looking forward. Hoda’s sister, Savannah, was there the whole time. She even refused to leave the MRI room during the procedure despite the radiation:

It was not only incredible support from her family and friends but also one special word that kept her afloat: “forward.” Hoda Kotb explains:

That word, “forward,” is powerful for me. Forward says there’s another day tomorrow. I would scribble in my journal every day and the last word on every page is “forward.” Looking ahead keeps you from getting stuck in the muck and weeds.



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When you talk about something over and over again, it gets energy as well as becomes bigger and more important for you. Hoda Kotb certainly didn’t want to feed her cancer. She didn’t want it to be bigger than all the positive things to come in her life. Today, she is more than 10 years cancer-free and reminds everyone to undergo regular checkups!

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