Donald Trump On Drugs: Medications The President Takes And What They Are For

Date December 28, 2018 10:00

Almost nobody lives up to Donald Trump’s age without taking any meds. Thanks to medications and other kinds of treatment, we have an opportunity to live more than two times longer compared to our ancestors. Moreover, our habits and lifestyle also play a crucial role in today’s life expectancy. Let’s see what drugs our President takes.

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High cholesterol?

Donald Trump doesn’t smoke or drink much, but still has to take a fair bit of medications. Reportedly, the President takes 10 milligrams of Crestor, a drug that helps people with high cholesterol. Crestor represents a group of drugs called statins, which lower one's cholesterol and prevents heart disease. Almost every patient who already has heart disease is prescribed statins.

Another drug our President takes is a low dose of aspirin, which allegedly can prevent heart attack and stroke. Looking at Trump’s diet that consists of fast-food, tons of gluten, and sugar, no wonder why he takes such preventative measures.


Sleeping beauty

Ronny Jackson, the White House physician, says Mr. Trump occasionally takes a drug called Ambien (zolpidem), which solves his sleeping issues during travel. It is known that Ambien can affect your thinking and reactions. The drug is very strong and can be habit-forming, so it is important to follow the doctor’s prescription strictly. Moreover, it can even cause memory lapses in some people. Ambien is used on a short-term basis to help people with insomnia. Therefore, Trump’s choice of this drug is rather questionable.


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Trump’s trademark

Yes, we are talking about Trump’s beautiful yet weird hair. According to Harold Bornstein, his personal physician for more than 30 years, the President takes a drug called Propecia (finasteride). This medication prevents hair-loss by decreasing testosterone and dihydrotestosterone levels. As a side-effect, it can lower one’s sex drive and affect mental health. According to studies, finasteride can even cause depression and issues with memory.

Skin issues

Donald Trump has a condition called rosacea that typically causes mild and, in some cases, severe reddening. According to National Rosacea Society, as many as 16 million Americans have this condition. Reportedly, Trump uses Soolantra, an ivermectin 1% cream that keeps the bacterial component of the disease under control.


Important note: If you experience any symptoms or feel like you need to take the medications described above, please, consult with your GP first. Do not self-medicate!

Overall, for a 72-year-old guy, Donald Trump seems to be extraordinarily healthy. We wish the President to stay strong for as long as possible.                                                                  

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