Donald Trump Vs. Barack Obama: Who Has Better Health According To The Same Doctor

Date July 3, 2018 15:09

A person who runs the country automatically becomes one the most discussed celebrities. We know so much about our President’s life and personality. Not to mention that Donald Trump is not trying to hide anything (maybe just except for some dark events from the past) and tweeting 24/7, which makes him the most public president ever. However, what do we know about his health, especially in comparison with the former president Barack Obama?


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Positive side of Trump's health

Of course, it’s not very fair and objective to compare the 56-year-old with the 72-year-old, but we’ll give it a try. First off, Trump’s medical exam showed that he is in good shape (considering his age) and is totally fit for the duty. This includes the fact that Trump scored a 30/30 on a 10-minute dementia screening test, which means he doesn’t have any cognitive impairment issues.

Ronny Jackson, the President’s personal physician, states Trump has “good genes.” We also know that Donald has been abstaining from alcohol and smoking his whole life. No wonder the President has excellent health.


Several issues with Trump's health

One questionable aspect, though, is Donald Trump’s body mass index (BMI). According to the CDC, a BMI over 30 means obesity, whereas Trump’s BMI is 29.9. Jackson recommended Donald to lose 10-15 pounds with the help of dietary changes and regular exercises.


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In addition to the President’s weight, we know Trump takes Crestor, a drug that lowers his cholesterol. However, the President’s level of LDL cholesterol is 143 milligrams per deciliter, which is not particularly healthy (it should be lower than 100 mg/dL, according to the CDC).

Active and healthy Obama

As for Barack Obama, the guy is unsurprisingly healthier than Donald Trump. This can probably be connected to the fact that the two lead different lifestyles. Obama is trying to be active as much as possible, exercising regularly and doing sports, mostly basketball. Trump, in his turn, is fond of fast food and lacks exercises.


Obama’s medical exam in 2016 showed that his BMI was 23.1, which is considered perfectly healthy for adults. However, his LDL cholesterol levels weren’t that perfect – 125 mg/dL, which is 25 off from what is considered healthy.


Yes, the two have a pretty significant age difference, but still, the healthy lifestyle seems to play a crucial role in Obama’s health department. Therefore, we would recommend Mr. Trump to listen to his doctor’s advice and become a little bit more active and make some changes to his diet. We wish both Donald Trump and Barack Obama health and happy days ahead.

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